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Carroll Communications is a proud Avaya business partner

Carroll Communications is an Avaya business partner that specializes in internet telephony, VoIP and office telephone systems. Additionally, voice and data cabling is available as well as moves, changes and additions to your phone system. Networking services, software purchases and desktop support can be also be arranged.

By appointment, it is possible to schedule a live demonstration for one of the phone systems we carry. All of our staff have been been professionally trained and certified to go the extra mile for any of your service needs. As a small family owned business, Carroll Communications supports you and your customers with a commitment to excellence that is not equaled in the market. In recognition of sales and service achievement in the communications industry, Carroll Communications is a proud recipient of the Alexander Graham Bell Excellence Award.

Plantronics headsets to compliment your phone system

An Avaya IP Office telephone system is the ultimate VoIP PBX for small to mid-sized organizations (up to 272 users).

Save money using applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. IP Office telephone systems have a full range of communications tools that have been integrated into this cost effective platform. Remote LAN access, Computer Telephony Integration , customer relationship management, high-speed internet access and voicemail are just a few of the communications needs of the small to medium enterprise delivered by Avaya's IP Office family.

2008 International Design Excellence Award; IDSA

2008 Excellence Award; Internet Telephony Magazine

2006 Editor's Choice Award; IT Week Magazine

2005 Product of the Year Internet Telephony Magazine

Avaya IP Office 500

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Avaya IP Office Crowned ‘Best Buy’ in What to Buy for Business 2009 Telephone System Awards

Perfect for small businesses:

The Partner ACS Phone System is expandable to 57 extensions. It works intuitively and is simple to install.

Teleconnect magazine and others have pointed out that the Partner ACS telephone system, because of its powerful features and applications, looks and feels in many ways like a much more expensive PBX-based system, but at a price affordable for small businesses.

The Partner ACS Remote Administration PCMCIA card also provides system-wide backup & restore functionality, without the need for an optional PC. This functionality saves you and your customers from lengthy downtime if service issues arise.

The Avaya legacy of reliability can be traced back over 130 years to the very beginnings of telecommunications. Avaya labs design and development are what give the Partner ACS telephone its unmatched reputation for reliability. Technical help is available on a 24/7 basis. On-site service is available locally in the domestic United States.

Partner Phone System

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Complete list of Partner Feature Codes and Programming Tips

Avaya’s Partner ACS is the world’s number 1 selling phone system with over 1.5 million units sold to small offices around the globe.

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Small and Medium Phone Systems from Avaya

Small and Medium Business Phone Systems from Avaya